• Happy New Year 2021
  • Tonnerre de Brest


    Spirit of Brittany

    All luminaires in the BREST collection are customised with AYA, a knitted lampshades, "galettes from Finistère" colour.

  • Le berger de Padoue - Table lamp


    Le berger de Padoue

    Large, medium, small, Le berger de Padoue of luciollle watches over his flock of white and immaculate mesh. As soon as the evening falls, it illuminates the space, letting the little ones like the big children come to him.


  • Petit diable Vauvert - Base lamp



    A new luminaire in the Terra Incognita collection: "Au petit diable Vauvert", the black black very black version of the Petit berger de Padoue.

    This small version is also available in 3 other large sizes simply called Au diablel Vauvert.

  • Belgian Craftmen certification



    luciollle is officially "Craftmen of Belgium".

  • Scandinavian style and luciollle


    50 years of nordic spirit

    luciollle luminaires and scandinavian design match very well : let's see how and why.

  • Les éclairages Sur-mesure de luciollle

    Lux and Sur-mesure


    Exclusive lampshades!
    The manufacture luciollle makes for you knitted lampshades with your own choice of colors.

  • luciollle on the life style Belgian TV show

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    181,82 € In Stock

    Sober and yet full of personality, the table lamp Au petit diable Vauvert works into any type of interior. Its simplicity and elegance is equally suitable for shabby chic interiors, Scandinavian design, Mediterranean atmospheres, ... This light fits any type of use: living room lamp, bedroom lamp, bedside lamp, ambient lamp, .. Available in two models:...

    181,82 €
    In Stock
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    181,82 € In Stock

    Warm and yet classy, ​​this lamp works with any type of interior: shabby chic, Scandinavian design, chic, rustic ... Its color evokes the power of the intense colors of a dark chocolate mixed with the softness of the golden light a light bulb. Available in two models: Base and Table.

    181,82 €
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    181,82 € In Stock

    Sober and yet full of personality, the Little Red Clay table lamp fits in any type of interior. The brick red of this lamp is suitable for both sophisticated design interiors as Scandinavian design, ethnic design, Mediterranean atmospheres, ... This light fits any type of use: living room lamp, entryway, bedroom lamp, coffee table,.. Available in two...

    181,82 €
    In Stock
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    809,92 € In Stock

    The Oslo suspension fits into any type of interior. It will be particularly suitable for interiors with Scandinavian design, both in its one or two shade versions as well as in its large versions three or four shades.The Oslo Collection shades (CALIE) are made of bicolor, with ecru and beige vegan threads.This suspension is available in 4 versions, from 1...

    809,92 €
    In Stock
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    247,94 € In Stock

    The lampshade "Au diable Vauvert" is worked in fluffy yarn; it is discreetly married in many types of dark interiors, or stands out strongly in bright or colorful interiors. This black floor lamp is available in 3 models.

    247,94 €
    In Stock
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    123,97 € In Stock

    The Piccolo Caffe Latte is a coffee-and-milk colour table lamp that fits in with any type of interior, with a Latin-like feel and elegance that suits Mediterranean interiors as well as shabby chic or Scandinavian design. This light fits any type of use: living room lamp, bedroom lamp, bedside lamp, etc.

    123,97 €
    In Stock
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    202,48 € In Stock

    Equipped with knitted BEN Air shades, this black suspension creates unique and continuously changing light environments. The suspension from the Auckland Collection is a free evocation of the southern lands and the warm volcanoes that scatter it.This suspension is available in 4 versions, from 1 to 4 shades.

    202,48 €
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    421,49 € In Stock

    At dusk, in the Algerian quarries of Ain-Tekbalet, the workers take tea around a source of calm light, undulating on dark red or yellow ochre strata, alternating with orange brown strata; it is the lamp in the bay of Oran that echoes light to the alabaster that they extracted during the day.The suspension of the Oran Collection harmonizes very well with...

    421,49 €
    In Stock

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  • Designed in Europe 

    luciollle luminaires are designed and produced exclusively in Belgium and France, in an ethical and eco-responsible way.

  • Safe and practical

    With our clear and documented instructions, use your luminaires luciollle safely and hygiene.

  • Scalable

    luciollle luminaires are removable and adjustable. This unique design allows you to change the look.

Belgian spirit of excellence made in belgium

luciollle favors a "handmade" approach in the manufacture of its products, including its large series.

This meticulous work makes each luminaire a precious and unique object.