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luciollle concept : knitted lighting

luciollle is the result of a passionate research work, luciollle luminaires have this peculiarity: they consist of knitted mesh lampshades.

This technique of shades realization opens a wide field of possibilities. For this reason, luciollle offers two ranges of lighting made entirely in Belgium, in a handmade spirit:

- "Mailles de Lux" :tailor-made lighting, created on demand for our clients, and for architects, interior designers, decorators... Discover the Premium service Mailles de lux
- "Prêt-à-lumer" : ready-to-wear spirit, "Prêt-à-lumer" is a large assortment of lighting collections composed of two families: the Essentiels
and the Audacieux (Little, Littoral, Terra Incognita).

Where buy a luciollle ?

To be closer to its customers, luciollle is bought on its own sales platform (luciollle.com), but also through a network of shops and partners-resellers.

Who are luciollle ?

The two founders of luciollle are Isabelle Coudere and Tanguy Pay.

Interior designer by training, specialized in lighting solutions for the home as well as for professional workspaces, Isabelle is the head of the workshop. It is Isabelle who creates the collections and ranges, and who personally responds to any customer request for tailor-made or projects.

Communicant, Tanguy takes care of the identity and the communication of the brand. He is also a copywriter and he is the one who is writing these words. Hi how are you ? :-)

Isabelle Coudere luciolllle  Tanguy Pay luciolllle

Continuous innovation

The luciollle range is a perpetual evolution with, at least, twice a year, unique creations in limited or unlimited series. Want to miss no go out? Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social networks.

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Brand luciollle®

luciollle® is a registered trademark. No other person or entity may produce and sell products of any kind whatsoever with this name.