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Published : 01/21/2019 16:11:28
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We often talk to you about “Scandinavian style”. Let us review together the fundamentals of this style in which luciollle lights fit so well.

Scandinavian style : a novelty value, really ?

The Scandinavian interiors are warm, cozy and peaceful. This “Scandinavian style” that pleases so much today is not a real novelty. It’s a Revival from the 1950s. In those years, it has a lot of success; its design is modernist, functional and yet in harmony with its natural environment.


The design scandinavian in the '50


It is at this time that the first edition of the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair begins where luciollle is present in 2019. Outdated in the early 1970s, the Scandinavian style has generated new interest in the mid-1990s to date.

Hygge: Nordic art of cosy and contrast

Scandinavian style is a subtle art of balance between softs and pastels.

This particular art bears a name. Danes, Swedes and Norwegians call it the “hygge”. The hygge consists of a feeling of well-being, a joyful mood and a warm and intimate atmosphere. The hygge is a positive state of mind provided by a moment deemed comforting, pleasant and friendly. This is why Nordiques take so much care to create a balance in the furnishings and lighting of their interiors.


The famous hygge from nordic countries


The deco Nordic formula in a few points

To understand how a northern atmosphere is created, let’s look at the components of it:

The Scandinavian colours

The Scandinavian style is characterized by palettes of pastel colours and milky white walls. That is a fundamental principle.


Palettes of pastel colours


A closer look at these pastel tones can be juxtaposed with bright colours. Definitely, these shades are sometimes next to changeable wallpaper. Some Nordic decorations dare the cohabitation of very dark or black colors with very light colors.

Raw and organic textiles

The Nordique likes to create a sensation of nature in its habitats. Nothing is smooth in nature (except perhaps ice…);the Nordic style incorporates many textures in its decoration: plaids, curtains, drapes, carpets, cushions… This great additions of materials are continually echoed.


White light in a black scandinavian interior


In Scandinavian interiors, therefore, there are:

  • all kinds of threads worked in woven or knitted mesh (such as luciollle shades; ) ), tissues of varying thickness,
  • fabrics of varying thickness,
  • felt,
  • jute,
  • lins,
  • tunic,
  • etc.

These fabrics are very tactile. They combine with other materials such as light or dark wood (which also serves as floors), earthenware, porcelain, wicker, distracted cardboard and leather, vintage plexis, and some painted metals that are also found in industrial decorations.

The voluptuousness of nature forms

Very present in the Scandinavian interiors, Nature needs freedom. There are many perfectly imperfect curves and shapes in the Scandinavian decoration. Roundness and rounding, cones, ovoids, asymmetries…


Imperfect curves and shapes in the Scandinavian decoration


L’intérieur scandinave n’est que discrète volupté, une volupté d’autant mise en valeur qu’elle repose sur des meubles aux formes élémentaires parfois très cubiques, fonctionnels. Toujours cet art des contrastes assumés typique au style scandinave…

A touch of «real» nature

The Nordic interior evokes nature in freedom. It also incorporates this nature, symbolically or radically. Thus, a Scandinavian interior always contains some (or many) vegetation such as hyacinths, christmas roses, ivy, ferns, some succulents…

As for the animals, it is generally more symbolic than really present: evocation of cardboard animals, cut-glued wood, cow skins, virgin wool or textile yarn.


animals and vegetation in the scandinavian and swedich style


And obviously the LIGHT!

That says “Nordic countries”, also says – very - long winter evenings. Scandinavians spend a lot of time in their homes or offices. This is why they push the refinement and conviviality of their interiors. Light is a central point of this art of living.

Here too the Scandinavian design plays with refined contrasts. The clarity of the walls of the Scandinavian interiors serves to extend the many sources of lighting: indirect lighting, standing lamps, street lights, suspensions, office lamps, etc. But also candles, light wreaths, leds, light string…

The light of a Scandinavian decoration has several functions:

  • of course, it illuminates,
  • creates multiple intimate and demarcated spaces
  • creates warm, friendly environments that invite daydreaming.

You will rarely find a ceiling. In Scandinavian design, the decorative, warm and almost poetic presence of the luminaire is as strong as its radical functionality to illuminate and define a luminous space in the night.

What light for your Scandinavian interior?

The lighting market offers a wide sampling to dress your northern interior with light. If your desire leans towards functional AND aesthetically innovative proposals, of course, we invite you to visit our catalog of luminaires so «hygge»!

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